Adoption Information

Adoption is a loving choice that some expectant parents make when they are unable to parent or provide for their baby at that particular time.

At the Pregnancy Resource Clinic, we connect you to agencies that will help you decide whether or not adoption is right for you. Only you can make this decision. You will be provided with information so that you can make that decision well. If you choose to make an adoption plan, the agency involved will continue to provide support for you before, during, and after the adoption. There are several ways adoption can go: 

Open Adoption

With an open adoption, you have full decision capability. You decide who will parent your baby and what the ongoing relationship looks like. You select who you want to adopt your baby from among many couples who are already approved to be adoptive parents. You can decide how much, if any, ongoing contact you would like with the adoptive family.

Closed Adoption

In closed adoption, information is not shared between the birth parents and the adoptive family and there will be no contact maintained between the two. This type of adoption rarely occurs anymore. However, there are also semi-open adoptions, where information is shared at the beginning and you can choose the adoptive parents, but then you can both agree to have no further contact.

What are the costs?

There is no financial cost to you when you make an adoption plan. The adoptive couple is responsible for all of the expenses. Talk with one of the agencies listed below for more information on this.

We encourage you to learn more about adoption. Call us at (937) 525-3780 for an appointment to learn more.

Agencies and resources for adoption:

Choosing Hope Adoptions (Springfield, Ohio): (937) 207-9463 or

Adoption Professionals (will meet locally): 1 (513) 321-2229 or